Group Policy Object Add Firefox ADMX Templates


  • Download the latest ADMX templates from
  • Extract the contents to

What is this for?

This guide will talk you through how to add the Firefox ADMX template to the ADMX template store. This guide assumes you have already followed this guide.

System Setup:

Operating System:
Windows Server 2019


Getting down to business…

The first thing we need to do it download the ADMX templates. Currently these can be found here on github I try not to provide web links on my blog on the grounds they can very quickly die. In the event it does die just put “firefox admx gpo template” into your search engine of preference.

Once we have this downloaded we can extract the files.

Once the files have extracted we need to go into the windows folder and copy the files.

It is a simple case of just taking a copy of the files to \\domain.tld\SYSVOL\domain.tld\Policies\PolicyDefinitions. In the event like me you are not logged into windows as an admin user the easiest way to get read write access is to map a network drive with your admin account.

Once mapped we can just copy and paste the extracted files here.

You can then open up a group policy and you will now see the Firefox options.


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