Group Policy Objects Centralised ADMX Templates


  • Create a new folder
  • copy the contents of %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions to \\domain.tld\SYSVOL\domain.tld\Policies\PolicyDefinitions

What is this for?

This guide will talk you through centralising your ADMX templates for Windows Group Policy. This can be useful in the event you want to add a non-standard ADMX template(s). In the event you don’t do this you will need to ensure these are manually setup on all the computers the GPO admins use. One will probably be forgot and confusion will then ensue.

System Setup:

Operating System:
Windows Server 2019


Getting down to business…

The first thing we need to do is ensure we have read write access to the \\domain.tld\SYSVOL\domain.tld\Policies directory to make the PolicyDefinitions folder. If like me you run your iterative sessions as a standard user account, you will probably get this error when you try to make the PolicyDefinitions folder.

To get around this we want to map a temporary drive as our admin user account.

We will the be able to open the mapped drive and modify the folder.

Now at this point its worth noting if you open up a group policy and start trying to edit the administrative templates you might have a minor heart attack. As they are all missing! This is why the next step is really important.

We are now going to navigate to %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions. If this looks a strange path to you don’t worry, it is correct, just open run (Win + r), paste it in and hit enter.

We can now see all the policy definitions we used to have in the group policy editor.

We now just need to copy the contents of this folder to \\domain.tld\SYSVOL\domain.tld\Policies\PolicyDefinitions directory. Remember to use that mapped drive if your using it.

Now if you close and re-open your group policy you will find that all the Administrative Templates have been restored. Its worth noting at this point that none of the other sections disappeared, that’s because only the administrative templates section use the ADMX files.

Now you have a central store why not check out this guide using this guide to import the Firefox ADMX templates.


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