Check Point SMB – Dropping Connections on Policy Modifications


  • From WebUI, go to Device -> Advanced Settings
  • Search for “Connection Persistence”
  • Change the value to “True”

What is this for?

We recently invested in a Check Point 1570 appliance for use in our home lab. One of the fist things we noticed was every time we made a change to the policy the firewall would drop all connections. This got me into a lot of trouble when Adina was on conference calls! After a bit of digging we found that the connection persistence setting that you get in the big daddy appliances is also available on the embedded GAiA appliances too! You just need to know where to look.

System Setup:

Operating System:

Check Point SMB 1570

Getting down to business…

Okay first we need to login to the web interface for the appliance. Once connected we need to navigate to Device-> Advanced Settings. In the search box we then need to search for “Connection Persistence”. We should see this is set to its default value (because its not bold) of false.

We then need to click edit and check the box next to “Connection Persistence”. Once selected click “Apply”.

You should now be able to push policy all day long without worrying about denial of servicing to family/colleagues!


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