Windows 10 – Install WSL (Fedora Remix)


  • Step 1 – Enable the WSL Feature using “Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux”
  • Step 2 – Download the latest Fedora Remix image from
  • Step 3 – Install the Remix image you just downloaded.
  • Step 4 – Profit!

What is this for?

This post will talk you through how to install the Fedora Remix version of Windows Subsystem for Linux. Windows and Linux both have their own pros and cons so why not give yourself the power of both in the same machine without having to constantly reboot!

System Setup:

Operating System:
Windows 10 (21H1)

Virtual Box

Getting down to business…

Okay so we first need to start off by opening PowerShell as administrator.

Once we have PowerShell running as adminsitrator we can install the WSL feature. Note: This will require a reboot of the machine.

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Once the machine has rebooted we need to open PowerShell as administrator again. We then need to download the flavour of Linux we want to use. In this example we will use Fedora Remix.

We start by changing into our downloads folder using the following command:

cd ~\Downloads

We can then download, using curl.exe, the latest version of Fedora Remix. We can find the link for the latest version from this page At the time of writing the latest version is therefore I can use the following command to download it:

curl.exe -k -L -o Fedora-Remix-for-WSL-SL_34.5.6.0_x64_arm64.msixbundle

Note: You could just download this from the webpage but am looking to script this process longer term so these commands are useful to have noted down.

Once downloaded we can then install the msixbundle file. You can do this using the below command.

Add-AppxPackage Fedora-Remix-for-WSL-SL_34.5.6.0_x64_arm64.msixbundle

We should then be able to open the start menu and see Fedora Remix for WSL in the recently added section.

When you first open it up it will take a few mins to get it self ready.

It will then ask you to create a username and password. Including being very judgy of your “Password01” password.

There you have it, your very own linux distro running inside windows. Now you have this up and working why not check out these guides:


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